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We receive many requests from other professionals and educational establishments throughout the world who want to apply our methodology for the benefit of their clients or pupils. We offer three convenient routes to enable as many people as possible to benefit from the personalised SAS programmes:

  • Professionals can apply on behalf of their client for a personalised SAS At Home course. There is more information on our SAS At Home page, or complete the Client Questionnaire;
  • Organisations can purchase Multiple SAS Courses at a reduced rate. Each programme will still be personalised to reflect the abilities and needs of each individual client or pupil. This option often suits schools or other educational establishments that require effective personalised programmes which are easy to implement without the need of specialised trained staff. Please contact us for more details;
  • Professionals who wish to provide a more individual service to their clients and offer assessments in addition to the SAS Programmes can follow a Distant-Learning SAS Training Course. This will offer you a full understanding of the SAS methodology and working practices and allow you to purchase personalised SAS At Home courses at a reduced rate. This option often suits OT's, Speech & Language therapists, educational specialists or other learning or health professionals who wish to complement their current services with the SAS methodology. Please contact us for more details.

The SAS Methodology has been developed by a team of professionals in the U.K., The Netherlands and Turkey using cutting-edge neuro-plasticity procedures and advanced computer technology. The Personalised SAS Programmes offer individual courses tailored to the abilities and needs of the clients - a totally unique, effective and affordable approach to developmental and learning enhancement.

As our experienced SAS Practitioners will personally design each individual course specifically tailored to the age, condition and needs of your clients or pupils, you can start offering the SAS Methodology within days. If you have one or just a few clients, start with a SAS At Home course by completing the Client Questionnaire. If you have ten or more clients, you can apply for the reduced rates of the Multiple SAS Courses, please contact us for more details. If you are a Professional and want to learn more about our methodology, you can follow a SAS Training Course. It is beneficial to start working with the SAS method prior to the training course as this will provide practical experience that complements the distant-learning element - simply use the SAS At Home route to start within days. Please contact us for more details on the Training Course and reduced rate personalised SAS At Home courses.

To receive a SAS At Home recommendation, or to order a personalised course, please follow these three simple steps:

  1. Complete the on-line Client Questionnaire by following this On-line Client Questionnaire link - you are under no obligation to purchase at this stage.
  2. Receive our recommendation of the most suitable SAS At Home course together with further information on our methodology. You will also receive payment information so you can order if you wish to do so.
  3. Order your SAS At Home course and one of our experienced SAS Practitioners will personally design an individual course specifically tailored to the age, condition and needs as indicated by you. Within a few days you will receive the download links for the personalised programmes and instruction manual.
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